Question: What can you do if, in an accident, someone smashed the volume “button” of a Ford radio, and the volume doesn’t work anymore?

Ford Radio key Ford Radio - repaired front pcb


  • Release the radio (without a professional tool for that, the two metal things in the picture were made out of a flower holding facility, the diameter is 2 mm or 2.5 mm with the white lacquer, that still fits)
  • Remove the front panel with a Torx-8 screwdriver
  • Look concerned because the PCB is completely wracked where the rotary encoder was
  • Take a fitting piece of prototype PCB, drill and solder in the rotary encoder
  • Swear because there is no room to put the prototype PCB behind the PCB of the front panel (the rotary encoder and so the prototype PCB will receive all the force from pressing it, so it needs to be mounted solidly)
  • Dismantle the PCB with a Torx-6 screwdriver, put the prototype PCB behind it, mount it again
  • Wire up everything and have fun with a working volume control